Top Consulting Recommendations for Virtual Apps and Desktops

Fix the top problems found by consultants to be the HERO

D.J. Eshelman has worked with top companies, including Citrix Consulting. Since 2005 he has served as not only an independent consultant but as a Citrix Technology Advocate and CUGC leader. He has obtained the CCE-V certification and has been guiding students and junior consultants since 2011.

The chapters in this book address the biggest concern areas of over 350 recommendations made in consulting engagements.

  • Performance

    Learn how to optimize and properly scale your Citrix environments for fast logons. Learn quick tips for consistent performance with WEM.

  • Security

    Properly configure Citrix ADC for security and performance. Optimize Active Directory.

  • Bonus Learning

    Learn more about the proper application of what you've learned both in the book and with additional video learning courses.

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